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Monday, December 27, 2010



very nice sonia. you have one beautiful family!! happy holidays and hope to see you guys soon!


wow! that really was the motherload! great 2010! lots of babies...

Kristy - Da Brick's wifee

Love it! And thanks for the Christmas card...we were bad this year and didn't send one out. :(

Hope to see your beautiful face soon!!!


Hello Sonia,
Do Cs have grand parents on this plannet?
How come you don't show their pictures at all?
Probably they're too old people bo be taken pictures.
They must also be too old to understand the true meaning of X-mas,huh?
Happy 5th birth day to you,Casey.
We love you so much.


Cousin of E.T.


sending love to your family allllllll the way from malaysia. love those pics of yours!

Happy New Year!

Amy Kim

Happy New Year! What a wonderful year your family had :) here's to one stinkin AWESOME 2011 to come! much love to you all.


Great Pics...see ya in a week


sonia, really enjoyed looking at all your pics for 2010!! made me smile. =) happy new year to you and your fam!! love you!!! omg!!!! see you soon!!!!

sarah oh

aww, it was a fun year! this post must've taken forever. i love casey in her straw fedora:). i miss you guys.


a year in the life of the shims... i have to say appears to be QUITE exhausting. happy new years. see you soon... i hope!


Hi Sonia, I'd like to request permission to use one of your photos. I'm from a children's museum on the east coast (the "other" Portland, in fact) and we're looking for images of the Portland Children's Museum's pet hospital exhibit. If you would consider granting permission for use, please contact me at lucy[at]kitetails[dot]org so we can work out the details. Thanks very much!

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